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Danny Laso Reviews

tipster Danny Laso

Danny Laso
by Customer

on November, 6 2017

The guy makes money, but the path to get there is rather time consuming.
Bad things:
- realistically you cannot bet around 40% of the tips he posts. And in the majority of times there is no substitute for the bookies as the other odds are way lower.
1/3 of the total tips are from willam hill and another couple percent from random bookies ala paddy power, 188 bet... The problem with willaim hill that either you win a few bets and get limited or you get limited already at registration based on the on your country of residency and the random bookie picks is just playing stupid in my mind, because nobody can bet those. So your stats will be a lot different than his, depending how lucky you are with the tips you cant bet...
This is generally the problem with this site, you should only be allowed to put odds from serious bookies and if you cant win there than dont bother posting them.

- the volume is insane. and you get most picks one hour before the start. I get that this is his strategy, but it is a bit annoying

+ on the 60% of bets you can bet (pinnacle, bet365, sbo...) the odds are what he states and the liquidiy is no problem, also no problem with line changing.
Tipsters Response
Commenting your first bad thing - bookmakers. If you want only quality Pinnacle and SBO tips (bet365 is not quality, because also limited fast), then my service will cost 250-300 euros per month. I know situation with William Hill. Personally, I buy accounts from others and already had 30-35 W'Hill accounts (same thing with bet365) until get limits. Other factor is that despite many W'Hill tips, last season we had zero profit at W'Hill (indeed, negative balance, read my news section). This season also only minus at WHill. So you can be smarter than me and skip all W'Hill picks, skip NBA picks, then you will have more profit.
Second your bad thing - volume. You get picks one hour before the game, because that's my strategy. Also, I inserted only 20%, maybe 25% of my real bets. Less than 200 picks per month is normal. By the way, all people who are on the Top, are insane maniacs.
In general, there are no easy money in betting industry right now. Successful bettors are very flexible, they have many different bookmaker accounts, use DNS, VPN, so on. Of course, maybe you don't have enough time for it. Then you should consider your role in betting. I think, it will be really hard to find a perfect tipster for you. Anyway, good luck.

tipster Danny Laso

Danny Laso
by Customer

on October, 12 2017

As an asian subscriber,I just advise reduce the quantity on working day night. Because too much tips published on midnight will kill the bedtime and I have to wake up a.m 2:00 to follow the tips.

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